What can you do to help protect the planet?

Edmonton green goes green poster
21st July 2022

Small Steps = Big Changes

Take a look at our guide below for tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Shop with Re-usable bags 

One of the easiest steps you can take to reduce your plastic consumption is to use a reusable bag when you go shopping. Plastic bags can cause huge problems, not only do they take thousands of years to decompose, but they are also a huge risk to marine life. Every year hundreds of thousands of marine animals are killed by consuming plastic bags. 

We found these concerning statistics and are encouraging all of our shoppers to go plastic free for July and beyond. 

  • Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans
  • 88% of the sea’s surface is polluted by plastic waste
  • Britain contributes an estimated 1.7 million tonnes of plastic annually.

Purchase your reusable bag from our Wilko store today, this customisable all-natural cotton bag is just £2* and is perfect for cutting down your plastic bag consumption.

Change your beauty products to ones with all-natural ingredients

Make the change at our Holland & Barrett store today with Clean beauty! Clean Beauty is a game changer in the beauty industry, all products have natural origins and are free from synthetic ingredients that are thought to be harmful – making them both healthy and sustainable! 

Buy this 5 Litres of this natural shampoo today for just £39.99*, just £0.80p per 100ml. 

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products do not use harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment and are non-recyclable/ biodegradable. Instead, they use more natural and organic methods of cleaning which are less harmful to the environment and biodegradable. 

So why not visit our Boots store and purchase their Biodegradable Cucumber Cleansing Wipes, with a pack of 25 costing just £1*!


Buy Second-Hand Goods

Finally, Here at Edmonton Green, we have a variety of charity shops selling a huge range of products, cut down on your carbon footprint and give one of their products a second life!  

Our list of charity shops includes:

A small change can make a big difference, and at Edmonton Green we are also going Green. This summer we are hosting a variety of FREE events for families to attend throughout the summer holidays, all with the aim of educating children about the environment, whilst having fun! 

To find out more click HERE.

*Prices correct at time of publishing

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