I am Daniella Nabor and I am Edmonton Green

18th October 2019

I was born in the Philippines and moved to London when I was 3 with my parents, grandmother and two older brothers. At the age of 6 I ended up going back to the Philippines with my grandmother so I could go to school there for a few years. I went through private education in the Philippines at an American based college where it taught American English and found my experience rather strict, we had luggage’s full of books – they were always heavily focused on the education formation.

In comparison to the UK, I found my education over here a lot more relaxed and much more different. Transitioning between the two was particularly difficult. I found that my grades in the Philippines were so much better over there whilst over here in the UK my grades would suffer, and I did often question as to why that would be.

As a child I always wanted to be a doctor like most children do and it was because I wanted to help others in need and I thought that by becoming a doctor, it was the best way that I could do that. As I matured, I became more and more passionate about the business world. How it continuously grows and operates and how it has such a huge impact on our daily lives. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be and to this day I still ask myself the same question from time to time but I do know that I want to be part of the business world.

Its funny as to how I came to doing the course I am today as I never considered Digital Marketing as a course. In fact, I never heard of it until my advisor and project manager from 5E mentioned it. I was originally interested in Business Administration but now that I am part of 5E’s Digital Marketing team, I haven’t looked back.

The best thing about the course is the on-the-job training aspect, it offers a variety of tasks and some tasks are challenging especially when it comes to dealing with difficult clients. Facing a new challenge is exciting, especially when you’re put on the spot and need to improvise. That’s when all the skills I’ve obtained from 5E is put to use and at the edn of the day I am proud to say ive accomplished something regardless of the difficulties I encountered. It has really boosted my confidence.

The course has allowed me to become more poised, self-assured and more open to opportunities. It has taught me and is still teaching me the skill required in the business world that can als be embedded within my everyday life.

I am really excited about my next steps as I plan to complete this stage in my life with 5E and hopefully progress to a higher-level apprenticeship where I can obtain a degree equivalent in Digital Marketing.

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