28th March 2022

As a part of the Netflix UK Documentary Talent Fund 2022, two market traders from Edmonton Green Shopping Centre have had their first claim to fame.

The film, showcasing woman of markets in London, highlights one of the underrepresented voices within the community. It showcases their talents, trading, stories, personalities and the market from their eyes.

Ameya John-Lewis, owner of Ameya World Professional Style, and Rakel Ewan-Boulyn, owner of Brothers Fruit and Veg Store, have been working in Edmonton Green Market for years. Throughout the film, both Ameya and Rakel show true vibrancy, passion and positivity about what they do and the community they serve.

Rakel said, “I love it when customers visit as they get a taste of their home while they are here. Not only with the produce we sell but the people, the place and the food. It all just reminds them, as well as us, of being back home and that fills us with immense pride.”

Markets tend to be very male dominated with long hours and with traders being on their feet all day. The film hears the voice of some of the women in markets; demonstrating their strength and the added vibrancy they bring to the individual markets represented and their communities.

Ameya added, “I love what I do and all the customers I create clothes for. When I make them feel good in what they are wearing, it makes me very happy. I can’t wait to get to work every day. Even if I am sick, I am still excited to go.”

To view the movie and see the ladies in action, please see here.

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