We are Bladez and We are Edmonton Green

29th November 2019

My name is Selba everybody calls me Selbz around here. I’ve been here nearly 21 years. I am proud to say that I have developed a very regular client base over the years which varies from different demographics, we’ve had old and young people coming to us. Something that I pride myself on is that in some cases it has caused a chain reaction where even families are coming to see us. I could have a whole family come in from the grandparents down to the grandchildren of the family all coming in to get their hair done by ourselves.

We treasure the relationships we have with our clients and we treat them as if they were our own family, we pride ourselves on being a very welcoming salon and it speaks volumes about what it is we do here when our clients travel from all over just to us.

I always had a passion for hair, from when I was a young girl I always knew that it would be a future career for me.

Before I thought about working in Edmonton Green, I did my research at the time I picked up that the shopping centre didn’t offer many services for hair and beauty and that was a skill that I held and believed that I could bring to the shopping centre.

I found the best thing about working in Edmonton Green is that I love what I do, we all do at the salon and meeting new people. We have found the shoppers in Edmonton Green to be really quite friendly and lovely and because we’re a friendly facing business that really helps things.

Over the years we have grown and developed our own skills to fit in with the services that the client needs. We are able to offer services for afro hair or straight hair, it is important to adapt for the audience you have.

As a business we hope to see ourselves grow as Edmonton Green grows, there is now more exciting opportunities out there offering progression and growth and it is fantastic to be able to be part of that.

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