With over 120 shops at Edmonton Green, there really is something for everyone.

Food & Drink

Your favourite eateries can be found at Edmonton Green including bakeries, cafes and fast food.

Indoor Market

Come along to Edmonton Green to experience one of the best indoor markets in the borough.


EdMINItons provides free fun events throughout the year.

News & Events

cardfactory shop front at Edmonton Green

Edmonton Green welcomes back favourite card shop Cardfactory

Valentine's Day Free Event at Edmonton Green 2024

Discover the magic of Eddie-Bear’s Story Time Valentine’s Day 2024.

Explore Learning Maths & English Tuition Saving Offer for £50 off to make this year count.

Save £50: Boost Your Child’s Maths & English with Explore Learning (Limited Time!)

Gifting Inspiration for the Festive season at Edmonton Green

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