The undisputed leader of the edminiton, Volt, is a blur of power! 

With super-fast reflexes and the ability to zip around quicker than lightning, he’s always the first to arrive at any scene of trouble. 

Volt’s ability to control electricity makes him an influential leader around the centre. 

No matter how twisted the situation, Volt is guaranteed to have a solution in a flash!


This sassy superhero possesses incredible eyesight and the ability to spot anything from a mile away.  

Her cunning mind is as sharp as her wit, always a step ahead in predicting and preventing mayhem.

When you can see as far as she can, it is almost like seeing into the future…


Ember zooms around the centre in a tricked-out wheelchair, leaving a trail of flaming red hair in her wake!

Her flaming hair crackles with controlled heat, adding an extra layer of warmth in colder areas.

Using her fire powers, she can control fire with her mind, making her excellent at stopping hot situations.


Guardian of the Green! Eco isn’t just passionate about protecting the centre, they’re all about protecting the planet, too.  

Their super-intelligence allows them to tackle complex puzzles and environmental challenges with ease. 

With a knack for recycling and eco-awareness, Eco keeps the centre sustainable, one plastic bottle at a time.


Forget maps, Sage is the living, breathing directory of the Edmonton Green Shopping Centre!

Every shop, corner, and potential hiding spot for villains is etched in his mind. With his encyclopedic knowledge of the centre, Sage is the ultimate strategist, ensuring the Edminitons are always two steps ahead of any mayhem.


The gadget genius, Mirage builds wacky contraptions to fight crime, from anti-goo vacuums to super-soapy graffiti sprays. 

His coolest gadget is the ed-mini-Vision Goggles that help him see-through walls and disguises! 

But beware, his inventions might malfunction, adding a dash of hilarious chaos to his crime-fighting.





Volt’s little brother, Whizz, is a ball of boundless energy! 

Twice the trouble but double the fun, this little speedster can run circles around even the fastest remote-controlled car. 

The children’s playground is his racetrack, where his endless enthusiasm keeps everyone entertained.


Specter ditches the playground for the multistory parking maze.  

Blind and brilliant, he uses echolocation to navigate, leaping cars and swinging from beams. 

His “Daredevil Dash” through the darkness is legendary.  But beware that bright lights disorient him, making him rely on his team.


Swoop is Whizz’s best friend. They aren’t just loyal, they’re a blue blur with a coolest-cape-ever!

The cape allows Swoop to glide around the centre, flying and reporting back to his friends on the group.

This multi-purpose cape also shields from attacks and even becomes a cosy blanket. 

Swoop can be shy at first, but with Whizz by their side, Swoop’s a true hero.


Got an ear for trouble? Melody does!  Her love for music goes hand-in-hand with her super-hearing, allowing her to pick up on the faintest sounds of villainy brewing.  

Whether it’s a suspicious whispering or a muffled struggle, Melody’s keen ears keep the centre safe, one catchy tune at a time.

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